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Innovative solutions to managing material on construction sites. Consolidated Power Supply can help you reduce costs associated with finding material in laydown yards, and eliminate expedited or missing materials.

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RFID Construction Material Tracking

RFID Construction Material TrackingConstruction projects require a series of carefully orchestrated events to keep the project on schedule and under budget. Coordinating engineering changes, material supply, certification requirements and logistics are constant challenges. Once an order is placed for construction materials, tracking their compliance to nuclear quality specifications along with the delivery of the material becomes critical to the project.

Our partnerships with leading companies helped pioneer construction materials tracking solutions specifically tailored to the unique demands of the nuclear construction industry. Current industry practices have material piece / bar marks being identified, marked and managed with hard to track, paper-based tags, paper logs and spreadsheets. As materials move from the mill through coatings, fabrication and then through quality certification, tags are added, updated, and damaged. Once delivered to the lay-down yard at the construction site, tracking materials becomes costly and cumbersome. The costs associated with finding materials, ordering and expediting lost materials, the impact on the construction schedule and updating quality records quickly escalates.

Our solution marks materials with an electronic RFID tag, which can be quickly located by project / construction personnel, substantially reducing the time and cost associated with knowing what materials are currently on hand. Locating materials in the lay down yard is reduced from hours to minutes, which reduces labor costs and reduces personnel safety risks. Our solution provides visibility of the material's complete genealogy throughout the supply chain, providing traceability from the mill to the construction site, including all of the material's quality certifications. By reducing costs, increasing compliance, and eliminating unnecessary delays, construction projects can reap significant benefits from our solution.

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CPS Material Tracking System

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