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Featured WhitePaper

RFID in Construction
This whitepaper expores how RFID technology can be used to reduce costs, avoid delays, and improve compliance in the nuclear construction industry.

Featured Offerings

Offering a complete range of Couplers, Rebar, Chairs, Dowels, Ties and fabricated products. FInd out how Consolidated Power Supply can supply all of your reinforcing steel supplies - quickly and accurately.
Innovative solutions to managing material on construction sites. Consolidated Power Supply can help you reduce costs associated with finding material in laydown yards, and eliminate expedited or missing materials.

Consolidated Power Supply Specialties

Consolidated Power Supply supports our customer by providing services through our specialty lines of business.

Nuclear Certified Products

Consolidated Power Supply provides materials and services to energy industries, with its primary business focus on the supply of safety related metallic materials, parts, and components for the commercial nuclear power generation industry.

Consolidated Power Supply's aggressive, yet conservative approach to nuclear industry quality standards and regulations, has made it second to none in the area of regulatory compliance. We are qualified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and accredited under ASME Quality System Certificate QSC-515.

Consolidated Power Supply

Engineered Products

Consolidated Power Supply Engineered Products were added to specifically support the commercial nuclear industry in the manufacturing of Pressurizer Heaters and other related Section III Class 1 components for the commercial nuclear industry.

Capabilities include but are not limited to light to medium manufacturing and fabrication along with Commercial Grade Dedication, Reverse Engineering and the ability to perform the Design of various Appurtenances for the Nuclear Industry.

Engineered Products