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Offering a complete range of Couplers, Rebar, Chairs, Dowels, Ties and fabricated products. FInd out how Consolidated Power Supply can supply all of your reinforcing steel supplies - quickly and accurately.
Innovative solutions to managing material on construction sites. Consolidated Power Supply can help you reduce costs associated with finding material in laydown yards, and eliminate expedited or missing materials.

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HDPE Piping
Offering a complete line of HDPE pipe and accessories.
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Offering a complete line of couplers, rebar, chairs, dowels, ties and fabricated products.
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Extensive stock of metal pipe, tubular products and HDPE pipe and accessories.

Rebar Material Supply

Consolidated Power Supply provides superior reinforcing steel solutions to the nuclear industry. Our partnership with industry leaders combined with our high quality certification program and experience allow us to deliver the highest-quality solutions to your rebar construction requirements.

  • Customers and Project Experience - With the increasing demand for nuclear construction, Consolidated Power Supply is looking to expand its already impressive customer base. The partnership has been providing services to nuclear projects including the Savannah River Site in Aiken, SC, The NEF in Eunice, New Mexico and The Hanford Vitrification Plant in Richland, Washington.
  • Supply Capabilities - Consolidated Power Supply has enlisted the services of major rebar fabricators and mills to provide the level of quality that is expected on nuclear projects. No matter the size of the project, Consolidated Power Supply can provide the mill order and fabricated rebar in a timely manner and to the highest level of quality.
  • Project Management - The Project Managers at Consolidated Power Supply provide the hub of communication to all levels of the rebar process. From meeting with the designers and detailers, to scheduling the fabrication and deliveries our Project Management personnel provide services to ensure superior communications between all levels of the rebar workflow. Our Rebar Process Flow Reporting System, which is overseen by the Quality Assurance Department, ensures overall accuracy and accountability.
  • Quality Assurance - In addition to our standard Dedication Plan, Consolidated Power Supply has developed a specific plan for inspection of the fabricated rebar. This assures that supplied rebar conforms to the requirements of ACI and CRSI rebar specifications. The plan is used as a guideline by the our inspectors to ensure that all fabricated rebar meets the requirements of the rebar detailing packages. Extensive measurements are taken to meet tolerance criteria and assistance jigs have been created to ensure proper bend radii and hook angles.
  • Additional Capabilities - Consolidated Power Supply goes the extra mile to ensure quality of the fabricated rebar deliveries. Consolidated Power Supply also tarps all its deliveries to ensure that no tags go missing during transport. In addition to the regular rebar bundle tags, we can also put RFID tags on each bundle of steel. This assists in the tracking and receipt inspection of the rebar deliveries. To learn more about these capabilities, follow this link.

For more information on how Consolidated Power Supply can help you with your rebar detailing and supply, contact us at info@consolidatedpower.com.

Rebar Consulting and Detailing

Rebar Material SupplyProviding world-class rebar detailing to the nuclear industry. We provide reinforcing-bar related estimating, detailing and construction site support services through offices in North America, Europe and China.

Project Services

Project ServicesProject Management personnel provide services to ensure adequate communications with the customer, coordinating with Quality Assurance Department to ensure overall accuracy and accountability.