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Offering a complete line of HDPE pipe and accessories.
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Offering a complete line of couplers, rebar, chairs, dowels, ties and fabricated products.
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Engineered Products

Consolidated Power Supply Engineered Products were added to specifically support the commercial nuclear industry in the manufacturing of Pressurizer Heaters and other related Section III Class 1 components for the commercial nuclear industry.

Capabilities include but are not limited to light to medium manufacturing and fabrication along with Commercial Grade Dedication, Reverse Engineering and the ability to perform the Design of various Appurtenances for the Nuclear Industry.

Consolidated Power Supply Engineered Products has successfully passed an ASME certification audit and has been awarded an NPT Certification of Authorization N-3341, with added design responsibilities. This will permit the manufacture of various ASME Section III Class 1, 2, & 3 along with various Safety Related Components needed to support the Commercial Nuclear Industry.

Engineered Products is currently supplying material and various manufactured parts to customers and suppliers for their commercial nuclear facilities.

NPT Quality Certification

Consolidated Power Supply is qualified and accredited under ASME Quality System Certificate N-3341 program and has its NPT and N-Stamp certifications.

Fabrication Capabilities

Consolidated Power Supply has the in house capabilities to perform light to medium weight fabrications and the application of various hard facing / wear surfacing materials such as Stellite 156, Stellite 6 , NOREM02 and other related wear surfacing materials.
PM Caps

Consolidated Power Supply is the exclusive distributor for the PM Caps solution, for heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and piping in the nuclear industry. Available in any size or custom shape, the PMCap restores code compliance without breaching the system.