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RFID in Construction
This whitepaper expores how RFID technology can be used to reduce costs, avoid delays, and improve compliance in the nuclear construction industry.

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HDPE Piping
Offering a complete line of HDPE pipe and accessories.
Reinforcing Steel
Offering a complete line of couplers, rebar, chairs, dowels, ties and fabricated products.
Piping and Tubular
Extensive stock of metal pipe, tubular products and HDPE pipe and accessories.

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Piping & Tubular Products

Piping and Tubular Products

Tubular products include a wide range of high quality seamless tubes (SMLS) and welded tubes (ERW), fittings and flanges.

Reinforcing Steel

Reinforcing Steel Products

Offering a complete range of Couplers, Rebar, Chairs, Dowels, Ties and fabricated products.

Sheet & Plates

Sheet and Plate Products

Offering a complete line of sheet and plate stock in various sizes and thicknesses.