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Product Lines

Consolidated Power Supply provides a wide range of materials to energy industries, with its primary business focus on the supply of safety related metallic materials, parts, and components for the commercial nuclear power generation industry. Our inventory of nuclear safety related products and commercial fossil, and gas products are unparalleled in diversity and scope. The company currently inventories a full range of Carbon, Alloy, and Stainless Steel Pipe, Tubing, Fittings, Flanges, Plate, Bar, Fasteners, HDPE Pipe and Structural Shapes. For items not in inventory, Consolidated maintains a list of more than 415 qualified vendors ranging from manufacturers of simple piping components to high tech firms with the ability to design and manufacture specially engineered and machined items for use in nuclear reactor internals.

Angles & Channels

Angles and Channels

We offer a complete inventory of angles and channels to all schedules of ASME and ASTM specifications.

Piping & Tubular Products

Piping and Tubular

Tubular products that we supply include a wide range of high quality seamless tubes (SMLS) and welded tubes (ERW), fittings and flanges.

Castings & Forgings

Castings and Forgings

Offering a complete range of casting and forged products meeting all schedules of ASME and ASTM specifications.



Consolidated Power Supply offers a wide range of HDPE material and services for power industries.

Other Products

Other Products

Offering a complete range of Wire, Strip, Rounds, Hollows, Filler Metal, Brazing and Welding Material.



We supply a complete line of valves, including Gate, Globe, Check, Angle, CSS, Ball, Butterfly, Plastic Lined, Plug, Diaphragm, Knife Gate and Actuators.

Fittings & Flanges

Fittings and Flanges

Offering a complete line of fittings including Malleable & Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Forged Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloys.



Offering a complete range of fasteners meeting all schedules of ASME and ASTM specifications.

Reinforcing Steel

Rebar Material

Offering a complete range of Couplers, Rebar, Chairs, Dowels, Ties and fabricated products.

Bars & Rod

Bars and Rods

We offer a variety of bars and rod. 1/8" - 12" Ferrous & nonferrous & all Alloys, Semi Finished and hot rolled rod, Weld.

Sheet & Plates

Sheets and Plates

Offering a complete line of sheet and plate stock in various sizes and thicknesses.

Ingots & Billets

Ingots and Billets

Offering a complete range of ingots & billets meeting all schedules of ASME and ASTM specifications.

Structural & Beams

Structural and Beams

Offering a complete range of structural steel and fabricated structural products.