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Offering a complete range of Couplers, Rebar, Chairs, Dowels, Ties and fabricated products. FInd out how Consolidated Power Supply can supply all of your reinforcing steel supplies - quickly and accurately.
Innovative solutions to managing material on construction sites. Consolidated Power Supply can help you reduce costs associated with finding material in laydown yards, and eliminate expedited or missing materials.

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Construction Challenges and Benefits

RFID Material TrackingConstruction projects face a number of challenges that are unique to the industry. Delays often cost millions of dollars, and material shortage, labor inefficiencies, worker safety and other issues can cause significant problems for construction firms. Some common challenges include:

Your workers often take hours looking for parts or materials Project Delays
Your expert tradesmen are waiting for parts/material they need to do their jobs Productivity Loss
Your workers often have to climb over material looking for specific pieces needed Safety Issues
You are often unsure where your material is and what is the current status Re-Procurement / Expediting
You find it difficult to ensure that the right assets are used for the particular job Liquidated Damages

To address these unique challenges, our solution marks materials with an electronic RFID tag, which can be quickly located by personnel, substantially reducing the impact of these challenges. Consolidated Power Supply"s solution provides the following benefits:

  • Real world results - eight to one labor savings in the laydown yard
  • Locating material is reduced from hours to minutes, quickly find the right piece at the right time, first time - every time.
  • Worker safety is improved / improving safety on the job site.
  • Simple deployment at any phase of a project
  • Real-time access to critical supply chain data
  • Reusable RFID tags, allowing easy scalability at multiple job sites
  • Confidence that the right piece is on site, increase quality by installing the right piece
  • Reduce costs of “missing” marks and “missing” materials
  • Reduction in time processing incoming material receipts
  • Easier compliance with regulations and standards - nuclear documentation packages
  • Online material traceability and documentation

Contact us to arrange a demonstration to learn more about how to eliminate unnecessary costs and risks from your project.

CPS Material Tracking System

CPS Material TrackingConsolidated Power Supply has assembled a solution specifically designed for the nuclear construction industry. Learn more about how our solution can help reduce costs, increase compliance and reduce risks.

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